Gazette 09/2014


Russian Farmers Will Need Years to Fill Gaps Left by Food Bans- The Moscow Times

Sanctions Put Moscow Foodies in a Tight Spot – The Moscow Times

One Farmer’s Artful Approach: The 160-day carrot – Zester Daily

Silicon Valley is Rethinking EatingThe New York Times

Greenhouse Gas Fear Over Increased Levels of Meat EatingBBC News

The High Cost of Cheap Meat – Nation of Change

The Food System in an Almond Shell – The Atlantic

The Cost of Kale: How Foodie Trends Can Hurt Low-Income Families – Bitch Magazine

Scientists: The American Southwest Faces a Megadrought – Modern Farmer

The Drought in California – Medium

George Monbiot reviews Simon Fairlie’s book Meat: A Benign Extravagance, from 2010 but worth a reread – George Monbiot

George Monbiot and L Hunter Lovins debate the validity of Allan Savory’s livestock grazing theory – The Guardian

The Moroccan Word for Tradition – Zester

The Awful Reign of the Red DeliciousThe Atlantic



Late summer courgette recipe – Los Angeles Times

Molly Wizenberg’s courgette recipe – Orangette

Claudia Roden’s courgette fritters – cookstr

Madhur Jaffrey’s courgette meatballs – cookstr

The courgette set – The Telegraph

And more courgette recipes – Crumbs Magazine

What to do with a glut of greengages – Great British Chefs

Plum & lavender jam – laundry etc

Fruit vinegar marinade for chicken – 5 second rule

A recipe for cucumber kimchi – Zester Daily

Bavarian sweet mustard – Engrained

Classic, brilliant Julia Child on the basics – The Omelette Show – YouTube



Lets Stop Idealizing the Home-Cooked Family Dinner – Slate

London’s Borough Market Celebrates 1000 years – History Today

Swedish fermented herring  – The Local

Losing a $16,000 barrel of pinot noir – Eater National

Dogs in pubs – dogsinpubs

Dining with dogs on restaurant patios in California – LA Weekly

Camel balls etc – McSweeney’s

A Cookbook Addiction – The Paris Review

Here’s why the French don’t use doggy bags – The Local

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