Taking a break…

Since winning the Fortnum & Mason Award for Online Food Writer I have been very busy.

Which is good for me but bad for my blog. So I am now wearing several of my other hats and doing some content creation for a property company, as well as writing a monthly article for the Borough Market blog. Oh, and translating a book.IMG_8840

The first Borough Market article can be found here. There will be more and I will keep the links coming but, realistically, blog writing is a labour of love and I need to keep the lights on etc etc.

Happy cooking!


3 thoughts on “Taking a break…

    1. Laura Washburn Hutton Post author

      Oh! Well, you of all people will appreciate this. I am taking a photography class and this is one of my better ones. It was in Highgate Woods. Not meant to be edible at all, just there because the photo is mine. Thanks for the warning.


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