Welcome. This is a collection of recipes, with rambly intros. Rambles about the everyday mostly.

photo (36)To date, I have 13 published cookbooks *, starting from 2003. This makes it sound like a full time occupation which, unfortunately, it is not. One year it almost was, but that was a fluke.

So I do lots of other things too. I teach the occasional cookery class and I have recently completed a course on Social Media Management. The world is changing and I like to keep up. And I am currently on the committee for The Guild of Food Writers, where I help with workshops and manage the social media.

Since winning the Fortnum & Mason Online Food Writer 2015 award, most of my writing is now on the Borough Market website though I still post here occasionally.

Potted bio: I have lived in Los Angeles, Paris and London. In that order. My culinary experience crept in after years of living in France and watching people cook, in families and later in my own home, as well as receiving a Grand Diplome from L’Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris. I was an assistant to Patricia Wells in Paris, a Commissioning Editor at Weidenfeld & Nicolson in London but, since the birth of my second child in 1999, I now sit on the other side of the desk and work from home. In 2010, I obtained an MSc in Food Policy from City University London. My domestic companions include two young adults and a dog. My interests are slanted towards the politics of food and eating, which will probably quickly become apparent.

The Bad Vinaigrette Manifesto is as follows:  Stories and recipes. There are few photographs of finished dishes. I concentrate on the writing but, unless specified, all the photos are taken by me.

In addition to the recipes, there will be the occasional Bad Vinaigrette Gazette, a curated collection of the things I’ve been reading. Because I am primarily a writer of recipes, and this is a recipe blog, the Gazette will include links to seasonally appropriate recipes alongside a handful of items on the politics of food, and a few random food related things. (This idea comes from my favourite blog ever, Tangerine & Cinnamon, which has a regular Food Links post.) I am also very fond of my dog so there may be the occasional canine related article.

fluffy slippers & broom

The title of the blog is inspired by a quote from a Nora Ephron book, Heartburn. It resonates because my vinaigrette, reportedly excellent, has not been enough to shield me from a number of disappointments either.

“[I] had gotten to the point where I simply could not make a bad vinaigrette, this was not exactly the stuff of drama. (Even now, I cannot believe Mark would want to risk losing that vinaigrette. You just don’t bump into vinaigrettes that good.)” 

 – Laura Washburn Hutton

photo © Everett Collection/Shutterstock

What are you cooking? Get in touch: washburnlaura[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

The vinaigrette photo in the banner was taken for me by Tamin Jones. He is one of those people who take amazing photos of food. See more of his beautiful work at tamin.co.uk.

*although I have a link to my Amazon page on this blog, I do not receive any payment for doing so. My book contracts are all flat fees, which means I receive no royalties on sales.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Rachelle Weymuller@caramelizelife.com

    I enjoyed reading your about page. I have a dear friend who is about to start her married life just outside London and who has taken a very similar path as you have. She is from the states and spent time in Paris attending school then moved to London to finish schooling and her Masters with a food policy background. She is now on working in London and tying the knot this summer in Tunbridge Wells-very exciting! I do love food politics as well and well books!
    Thanks for making me smile, and it was fun to find your site.

  2. Toast & Butter

    Yippee. I have just discovered your blog. I love your no-nonsense style, and the discussion about the everyday topics I love and find fascinating: the supermarket, Ina and Jeffrey etc.So glad someone else is wondering what Jeffrey eats during the week…probably bags of Haribos and hot dogs… I am going to slowly potter through your pieces and recipes when I read at night, up at all hours with my baby son!


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